William E. Simon, Jr.


William E. Simon, Jr., is co-chairman of William E. Simon & Sons, LLC. The firm, which he co-founded in 1988 with his brother and father, William E. Simon, Sr., former United States Treasury Secretary, has built and manages a diverse and significant investment portfolio, with holdings in real estate, private equity and fixed-income securities.

Mr. Simon also co-founded a successful municipal bond company and previously held senior positions on the municipal securities and foreign exchange desk for Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Earlier in his career from 1985 to 1988, Mr. Simon worked in the Southern District of New York as assistant United States attorney under then United States Attorney, Rudolph Giuliani.

A 1982 Boston College Law School graduate, Mr. Simon earned his bachelor's degree at Williams College where he serves today as a lifetime member of the board of trustees and member of the Executive Committee.

He currently serves as co- chairman of the William E. Simon Foundation and the Cynthia L. and William E. Simon, Jr. Foundation. Through these foundations, Mr. Simon helps needy youngsters in urban areas through faith-based efforts. He and his wife, Cindy, established and continue to fund the Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness Program for Los Angeles area high schools. The program provides state-of-the-art athletic equipment offering students the opportunity to balance academic pursuits along with physical fitness.

Mr. Simon is a member of the Board for University of Southern California-Huntington Institutes for Advanced Studies. He is also a member of the Board of Overseers of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, former Vice-Chairman of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, and Chairman Emeritus of Covenant House California. In addition, Mr. Simon serves on the Board of Trustees for both the St. John's Health Center Foundation in Los Angeles, as well as the Riverview School in Massachusetts. He is a member on the Board of Directors for Oaks Christian School, and serves as Chairman of the Board for the National Urban Squash and Education Association.

Mr. Simon entered the political arena in 2001 as a candidate for governor of California. In an election called one of the greatest come-from-behind victories in state politics, he won the Republican primary by an eighteen-point landslide. That fall, facing an entrenched incumbent governor, he came within five-points of unseating Gray Davis despite being outspent three to one.